Our education courses are available to those of any age, background, sex/sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity.

The delivery of Civic Education, developed in the spirit of the paideia: civic learning should be encouraged and facilitated at all stages of a person’s life, just as we engage with, and are affected by, our country and communities at all stages of life. Our civic education should achieve internal self-empowerment through political and ethical philosophy; a critical understanding of constitutional law, civic affairs and equality, and how they relate to human flourishing; and the development of community connections centred around developing civic understanding, information gathering  and involvement.

Every citizen needs a citizen’s toolkit. What are the governing forces of this country? What is the Rule of Law, and how does it protect our freedoms? How do you spot rhetoric at work? How do you break through filter bubbles and echo chambers? How do you research the public policy issues which matter to you, and cut through the scapegoating to the crux of the matter?

How do you go about effective debate? What is the art of rhetoric (how do you spot it being used on you by others?! How should we best evaluate current socio-political affairs?

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